Programa Preliminar

Thursday, November 16th
8:00Registration/Welcome & Announcements
Opening Lecture
The Modern History of Rectal Cancer
8:45Neoadjuvant therapy or not?
When should neoadjuvant or adjuvant CRT be OMITTED in rectal cancer
Should neoadjuvant CRT be used for stage I rectal cancer?
More Chemotherapy and Less Radiation?
Less Chemotherapy and More Radiation?
Exhibit visit
10:30After Chemoradiation ... the saying of advanced radiology
Assessment of Tumor Response - The Role of functional MR

Tumor Regression Grades in the eyes of MR
PET/CT and PET/MR - What is around the corner...
The death of ERUS for staging of rectal cancer after nCRT?
11:30Modern controversies in Rectal Cancer Management
1. Timing is everything...
What is the ideal interval for assessment of tumor response/ surgery after CRT?
Longer is bettter.
Shorter is better.
2. Beyond TME ... How to deal with a mrCRM+ after nCRT?
Surgery is bettter.
Additional therapy is required prior to surgery?
3. Lateral node dissection in rectal cancer - Is it time for a trial?
12:30Lunch Symposium: Complications in Colorectal Surgery
From intraoperative bleeding to infections, fistulas, TPN and reoperative surgery
Interactive Case Discussion
14:00Finally surgery... the most relevant session in rectal cancer surgery... ever!
Total Mesorectal Excision at last for mid and distal rectal cancers…
Open surgery is better... I knew it!
The oppose view: are ignoring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery?
Laparoscopic Surgery is better... regardless of the recent evidence...
The oppose view: the pathological data is clear!
Robotic Surgery is so much better...
The oppose view: Is there any real evidence?
taTME is the solution!
The oppose view: mmmmm... Is this REALLY necessary for all TMEs?
16:30Videos to remember... Technical tips in avoiding complications…
Lateral node dissection by laparoscopic surgery... preserving the crucial nerve and taking out the necessary nodes!
Minimally invasive surgery for T4 rectal cancer?
Assessment of proximal colon viability - Technology of ICG perfusion or simple testing of the vascular arcade?
The robot does APR almost entirely from above
17:15Total Mesorectal Excision: Open, Laparoscopic, Robotic or Transanal? The view of the creator…

Friday, November 17th
8:00The other side of the moon in rectal cancer management
Lateral node dissection improves local control in all rectal cancer patients
when lymph node size is ≥7mm regardless of response to nCRT
No it is not
Extralevator APR is the preferred strategy for most distal rectal cancers
No, it is not
Decision of final surgical resection (APR vs LAR) can be made intraoperatively
No, it cannot...
Radiological reassessment is not necessary after CRT if surgery is required for incomplete responses
Yes, it is ...
9:30Funtional Outcomes
Intersphincteric Resections and Fecal Incontinence - Are we telling the truth to our patients?
Functional outcomes after lateral node dissection - Are there any really significant consequences?
Assessment & Treatment of LARS in Rectal Cancer
10:30-12:00Transanal TME: The New Kid on the Block
Technical Steps
Urethral Injuries
Oncological Outcomes
taTME for Abdominal Perineal Excision?? What the heck?
The true drawbacks
12:00-13:30Lunch Symposium: Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery in Rectal Cancer
Laparoscopic TME: The Solution for distal transection of the rectum with new surgical stapling devices
Transanal TME: The anastomotic technique with single stapling using long-shafted staplers
Synchronous Metastatic Disease (Rectum and Liver) amenable to surgical resection.
The Role of Preoperative Chemotherapy Synchronous Laparoscopic Liver/Rectal Resection – When & How?
14:00-16:00The Complete Clinical Response issue
RT: Dose escalation to increase cCR rates
Consolidation Chemotherapy improves anything?
Long-term outcomes with T2 and T3 cancers after extended nCRT
How to deal with incomplete responses and still provide organ preservation?
Local regrowths - Are they really salvageable?
16:30Personalized Oncology
Intratumoral Heterogeneity in Rectal Cancer
Liquid Biopsies in Clinical Practice
Personalized treatment strategies in metastatic disease
Advanced pathology in rectal cancer - what is there outside of the checklist that may help in clinical decision management
17:00Unresectable Metastatic Rectal Cancer to the Liver
Case Discussion
Panel: Systemic Chemotherapy or SelectiveInternal Radiation Therapy?
17:15Post-operative rectal cancer surgery complications
Direct questions & Short answers
Case Solutions
17:45The most difficult cases... To the expert panel... Voting to the audience...
Metastatic Rectal Cancer Case
Case presentation: Challenging Rectal Cancer Case
Surgeon #1
Surgeon #2
Radiation Oncologist
Medical Oncologist

Saturday, November 18th
8:00FICARE MDT/ Consultant's Corner
The best team in the world to solve the problem... non-metastatic rectal cancer
Case presentation: Challenging Rectal Cancer Case
Surgeon #1
Surgeon #2
Radiation Oncologist
Medical Oncologist
9:00Virtual reality in Unedited Surgical Videos
TATME in Belgium!
7 concomitant cameras - High definition imaging
10:30-12:00Extraordinary videos